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Fuzion HRi Tires

Are you looking for Fuzion HRi tires? These tires are high performance all-season tires made for sport cars, coupes and sedans. This high speed rated tire was put together for performance, style and comfort, while still yielding decent traction all year long, including light snow.

Fuzion HRi tires feature a high performance, all-season tread compound molded into a sipped, independent block, mildly asymmetric tread design to blend traction on dry, wet and light snow-covered roads.  While initially appearing somewhat directional, the tread design is asymmetric, allowing it to be mounted on either side of the vehicle.  On the inside, the tire features twin steel belts reinforced with spirally wrapped nylon ply to provide strength, stability and high-speed capability.

Depending on the size, Fuzion HRi tires will be made in Indonesia, Brazil or the United States.  You can find them on Tire Rack.  The contact information is listed in three languages on this site.  Their customer service line is located in the United States.  They have a showroom in South Bend, IN and they give times that both the showroom and the customer service lines are open.  This company seems to be really put together and all about quality.  Be sure to check the warranty information on each tire as some seem to be a little different than others.

There are mixed reviews for Fuzion HRi tires.  From what is being said on Tire Rack, most of them seem to like them ok as long as they are not intending on driving in any snow.  Some have had problems with tread wearing unevenly and having to replace tires before 5K miles.  There are a few that have had problems with driving in the rain and keeping traction and control.  One the other hand, others have found them to be an exceptional buy and the best tires they have ever owned.  There are a few that say they will buy no other brand of tire.  It seems that the problems with some of the tires may be defects, but that can’t be told from here.

Fuzion HRi tires are said to be great tires for a great price.  They range in price from $45.00 to $89.00 per tire depending on size.  For the most part, these tires hold a great rating with a little quirk here and there.  You will have to be the judge to see if these tires are for you.