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Discount Tire Centers - A Look At This Chain Of Stores


All drivers of cars at some point in their driving careers look for discount tire centers. Our quest to save as much money as we can, yet still get the quality we desire, drives us to these discount tire centers. None of us wants to put new tires on the truck or family car – it’s an expense we don’t want to deal with. However, we know for safety reasons, that having new rubber on the car is the best thing to do. There are many tire centers offering many different deals on tires, making it difficult for the average car driver to decide. Performing an Internet search of centers will produce some good results. Most people try to find a center that is near to where they live. No one wants to drive for miles for a new set of tires. Buying online is an option, however once the tires arrive, by UPS or some other carrier, we still have the problem of having the new set fitted.

 Discount Tire Centers is a family owned business which prides itself on its excellent customer service. Founded in 1976 the company retails all makes and designs of tire. All employees are experienced, skilled tire specialist able to recommend and advise you on what tires are best suited for your vehicle. There are also 65 branches in southern and central California, which means if you’re living in that particular state, there’s a good chance a Discount Tire Center is near. Centers are open 7 days per week and offer free wheel alignment and oil changes to customers who buy a complete set of new tires for their car.

 Across the other side of the continent, in New Jersey, are the ETD Discount Tires Centers. Similar to their Californian rival, this chain store has branches throughout New Jersey and also retails in all makes and design of tire. Various incentives like free oil changes and wheel alignments are offered to lure people into the center. This particular store is closed on Sundays, which is a disadvantage – most men would have the car’s tires changed on a Sunday morning, here in Japan.

 Discount tire centers are in every city in every country and there is not much of a price difference between them. Most complete for business by offering various kinds of incentives or having an excellent customer service program that brings the same customers back time and time again whenever their car tires need changing. These “regulars” also introduce friends and friends introduce friends and so it goes on. So if you’re in the market for a new set of tires, check many different discount tire centers, before you decide which one to buy from.